VIDT partners with Waves to increase anchoring potential on Gravity and Neutrino protocol

Yellowblock July 16, 2020
Updated 2020/07/16 at 8:49 AM
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Waves announced a collaboration with V-ID, a blockchain-powered document certification and verification service. V-ID ($VIDT) will become one of the ecosystem partners of Waves to pursue joint R&D activities in the field of ‘document and data’ validation, and verification strategies on top of the Waves Platform blockchain.

Why are we excited to work with V-ID?
V-ID is a fast-growing company with over 30 customers like Airbus Defence & Space, AmSpec and Nyenrode University and strategic collaborations with IBM, CMS Law and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.

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They are serving use cases that involve protecting files like certificates, invoices, diplomas and sensor data against unwanted manipulation in addition to protecting the integrity and the value of these assets.

What will they achieve together?
At a basic level, they will be integrating V-ID as a certification provider in the Waves ecosystem will result in more activity on the Waves blockchain and use cases being served to the Waves community. Gradually, this partnership will extend, to add new potential ways of integration with Gravity and Neutrino protocols to allow for anchoring in the interoperability and DeFi spaces. In the future, V-ID can also be introduced into the Gravity network as a trusted data provider, or contribute to writing open-source Gravity data extraction modules with extended data verification functionality, such as sensor data integrity for IoT use cases, as one done with IBM. Moreover, we expect to collaborate on data solutions for those use cases where bitwise data validation is necessary: this means that VIDT DataLink could be closely integrated with Gravity to extend potential applications of the protocol.

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Gravity Network structure as explained in a recent article by Waves founder Sasha Ivanov

A closer integration with Gravity will also bring seamless interoperability to V-ID, making their solutions accessible across various blockchains and opening up ways for all Gravity-connected communities to use V-ID functionality within the comfort of their respective ecosystems and toolkits.

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Where do we start?
To jumpstart this partnership, the V-ID team will integrate VIDT DataLink and build an MVP on top of the Waves Platform that will allow users to easily anchor and certify their documents with a drag & drop dashboard. After certification, files will be verifiable on and through a widget that can be integrated into Waves-based applications.

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