Waves 2020 recap

Yellowblock January 8, 2021
Updated 2021/01/08 at 2:32 PM
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Waves had an incredible 2020 year with numerous innovations released. From decentralized forex exchange to interoperability solutions, the team has been working relentlessly.

As long time partners, We covered most of their achievements.

If you missed the latest releases and would like to catch up, here is a recap of our articles featuring the most important innovations and partnerships of this past year.

Happy new year and let’s wish them another successful year.

Waves interview:

Interview with: Waves

Neutrino (late 2019):

An Introduction to DeFi, Algorithmic Stablecoins and how to profit from them

Comparing old stablecoins to USDN

Neutrino Improvement Proposal

Neutrino protocol celebrates first birthday


Gravity, the Solution to Interoperability

The Crucial Role of Interoperability within Blockchains

Demo of World First Token-Free Interoperability Solution was Launched


Introducing the First Decentralised Foreign Exchange

Updated token mechanics for the world first Decentralised Forex Exchange


Matic partners with Waves through Gravity to boost DeFi adoption

VIDT partners with Waves to increase anchoring potential on Gravity and Neutrino protocol

Tron and Waves aim to reach mass-adoption of inter-chain DeFi via Gravity

Swingby and Waves bridging LTC, BEP-2 tokens and privacy coins into Gravity

Band Protocol Partners With Waves To Power DeFi & Web 3.0 Applications

Ontology partners with Waves to tackle DeFi challenges

Fetch.ai partners with Waves to bringing machine learning to more chains via Gravity Protocol

Waves Partners with Ankr to provide easy node-deployment

Waves Partners with Fantom through Gravity’s Network

Waves Partners with Solana through Gravity’s interoperability solution

Waves partners with Ergo to develop interoperability solutions

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