You can now timestamp WordPress content on Ethereum


WordProof, the newly announced winner of the European Blockchain for Social Good recently announced at the BlockDown conference that it will allow its users to timestamp WordPress content on the Ethereum Blockchain – with the help of their partners, VIDT Datalink.


This update will revolutionise the way content online is consumed, as it will resolve two issues that have been persistent online for years.


On a daily basis online content is subject to plagiarism; meaning that content is often recycled without the author’s awareness.

Being able to timestamp content on an immutable ledger like Ethereum will drastically increase the transparency and accountability online. Finally giving authors the recognition that they rightfully deserve.


Content online is often published incorrectly and changed long after its publication. Traditionally upon realisation that it mislead its readers; done with the purpose of still appearing factually correct.

The time machine feature will increase the accountability of publishers and authors, as readers will now be able to see all of the changes that were implemented over time.



Current use cases 

The features above are not just a vision of eventually revolutionising content online, but it is already being used by one of VIDT Datalink’s partners Amsterdam Vintage Watches – one of many publishers that will be verified and timestamped online.

This enables the esteemed vintage watch dealer’s customers to safely verify the information about their products; done by timestamping product pages and legal documents ensuring a never seen before level of transparency between businesses and the customers.


Blockchain was originally invented for timestamping. WordProof envisions to build the most user-friendly timestamping tool that can be used in all content management systems and e-commerce platforms.

Adding support for Ethereum marks an important step towards achieving this goal, finally welcoming the Ethereum community to the WordProof Timestamp Ecosystem!


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