Zcoin Development Update 2 December 2019

Yellowblock December 3, 2019
Updated 2019/12/03 at 7:47 AM
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  • Security issue identified in Sigma thanks to a responsible disclosure via our bug bounty system (many thanks to the researcher who reached out to us). Patched with no incident. New release 13.8.8 incoming today. (13.8.6 and 13.8.7 were internal releases)
  • Sigma will be re-enabled  past block 220720 which is around December 5th.
  • Final testing of sigma verification and proving improvements which now have multi-threading support with huge improvements in syncing speed and also multi-spend proving for multi-threaded systems. #776


  • Draft paper on hierarchical 1-out-of-many Proofs completed and submitted for peer review.
  • This new construction can reduce proof generations times and allow for more efficient batch verification at the cost of slightly larger proofs.
  • Helping Monero Research Labs review Triptych to also see if there are any techniques that can be used to improve Lelantus

Mnemonic Support

  • New wallets created will have full mnemonic seed backup support (including for Sigma mints) #641
  • Import from old wallets to new mnemonic backed up wallet is disabled to prevent any issues with private keys not being backed up by the mnemonic.
  • Final clean-up on UI experience. Will be merged together with Sigma multi threading optimizations

RAP (Receiver Address Privacy) aka as BIP47 Payment Codes

Exodus Sigma and ZTM

  • One more month of work on ZTM required to allow easy creation and management of Exodus tokens with Sigma support
  • Exodus Sigma also to be patched with the security fix
  • Investigating methods of two way pegs.

Mobile App with Sigma

  • Sigma mint work completed.
  • Work begins on Sigma spend functionality and HD mint

Core Upgrade and Deterministic Masternodes

  • Core upgrade to 0.14 is complete and RPC tests functioning
  • Working on fixing remaining unit tests.
  • Work resumes on deterministic masternode work
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