Celsius’ Auction Will See Participation From Coinbase, Gemini

Celsius’ upcoming auction has attracted crypto exchanges Coinbase and Gemini as new

Admin Admin April 24, 2023

Gotta Catch NFTs? The Pokémon Company Is Hiring a Web3 Expert

Pokémon on the blockchain? We’ve seen other developers try to bring the

Andrew Hayward Andrew Hayward March 11, 2023

People Are Minting ‘BRC-20’ Meme Tokens on Bitcoin via Ordinals

If there was any suggestion that the hype around Ordinals—a way of

Jason Nelson Jason Nelson March 10, 2023

Lionel Messi Backs Web3 Soccer Game Startup Matchday in $21M Round

Matchday, a soccer-centric Web3 gaming startup, announced today that it has raised

Kate Irwin Kate Irwin March 9, 2023

Silvergate Bank Announces Liquidation And Winding Down Of Operations

In a press release shared on Wednesday, Silvergate Capital Corporation, the holding

BtcCasey BtcCasey March 9, 2023

Like a Blur: Tensor Plans Massive Airdrop for Solana NFT Traders

Tensor, previously a relatively small contender in the Solana NFT marketplace wars,

Andrew Hayward Andrew Hayward March 8, 2023

Binance’s $1.8 Billion Stablecoin Collateral Transfer Is Similar To FTX: Forbes

A report by Forbes found that Binance transferred nearly $1.8 billion worth

Ethereum World News Ethereum World News February 27, 2023

SEC Triggers Billion-dollar ‘Bank Run’ on Binance’s BUSD

It has been a rough ride for Binance-owned stablecoin BUSD since Paxos

Bessie Liu Bessie Liu February 25, 2023

NBA Top Shot Lawsuit May Be Bad For Dapper—Could It Be Good for NFTs?

The multi-billion dollar NFT market has for years anxiously awaited the answer

Sander Lutz Sander Lutz February 25, 2023

Electronic Arts Founder Trip Hawkins Is Now Making NFT Games

The crypto world has attracted a number of video game industry legends,

Andrew Hayward Andrew Hayward February 25, 2023

Blur Founder ‘Pacman’ Revealed as 24-Year-Old High School, MIT Dropout

One of Blur’s founders has “doxxed” himself, publicly revealing his identity, after

Kate Irwin Kate Irwin February 23, 2023

Polygon Block Explorer Crashes, Befuddles Users

Uncertainty, doubt, and no small amount of fear spread across the crypto

Sander Lutz Sander Lutz February 23, 2023

Ubisoft Continues Web3 Push With Rabbids NFTs in The Sandbox

Ubisoft was the first major video game publisher to release in-game NFT

Andrew Hayward Andrew Hayward February 22, 2023

New YouTube CEO Is Bullish on Web3 Tech Like NFTs and the Metaverse

After serving as YouTube’s Chief Product Officer for over seven years, Neal

André Beganski André Beganski February 20, 2023

Women-Led Web3 Startups Raise 4X Less Funding Than Those With Male Founders

For women, navigating male-dominated industries has always been a struggle, but that

Shalini Nagarajan Shalini Nagarajan February 19, 2023

Yuga Labs to Replace Logo That Apes a Kids Drawing Guide

It appears the logo of the Yuga Labs-owned Bored Ape Kennel Club

Max Koopsen Max Koopsen February 19, 2023

Trader Makes $100K in Seconds Front-Running Token Listing on Binance

An unidentified crypto trader made over $100,000 in profit after buying a

Sander Lutz Sander Lutz February 18, 2023

Mango Markets Hacker Avraham Eisenberg Fights To Keep $47 Million Loot

Summary: The accused exploiter Avraham Eisenberg launched legal efforts to retain $47

Ethereum World News Ethereum World News February 16, 2023

Bitcoin NFTs Protocol Ordinals Surpasses 100,000 Inscriptions

Just five days after reaching 50,000 inscriptions, Bitcoiners using the Ordinals protocol

BtcCasey BtcCasey February 16, 2023

Blur Advises NFT Creators to Block OpenSea in Royalties Battle

Open war has finally erupted between leading NFT marketplaces. On Wednesday, upstart

Sander Lutz Sander Lutz February 16, 2023

Hester Peirce Says SEC Plan Involves ‘Substantial Departure’ from Status Quo

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner Hester Peirce, no stranger to butting heads

Jason Nelson Jason Nelson February 16, 2023

As BUSD Dies, Tether’s USDT Soaks Up Another $1 Billion

Stablecoin giant Tether saw its flagship token, USDT, grow by nearly $1

Andrew Throuvalas Andrew Throuvalas February 15, 2023

NFT Traders Flex Their Blur Airdrops: Here’s Who Got the Most Tokens

Rising NFT marketplace Blur held its anticipated BLUR token airdrop this afternoon,

Andrew Hayward Andrew Hayward February 15, 2023

BNB Token Plunges as Binance, Paxos Shutter BUSD Stablecoin Product

The recent regulatory action against Paxos and Binance over the partnership's dollar-pegged

Liam J. Kelly Liam J. Kelly February 14, 2023

Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest Has Bought Almost $20M in Coinbase Stock Since January

Ark Invest, the investment house led by Cathie Wood, bought another 162,325

Andrew Asmakov Andrew Asmakov February 13, 2023

Paxos Halts BUSD Minting as SEC Reportedly Prepares Lawsuit

The SEC is reportedly taking aim at the owner and issuer of

Max Koopsen Max Koopsen February 13, 2023

DigiDaigaku’s Super Bowl Ad Baffles Viewers, But the Free NFTs Are Still Selling for $700

The Super Bowl isn’t full of crypto ads this time around, but

Andrew Hayward Andrew Hayward February 13, 2023

What the Kraken Crackdown Means for Ethereum Staking

There’s a lot at stake in how Kraken’s settlement with the Securities

Stacy Elliott Stacy Elliott February 12, 2023

Major Paris Art Museum to Exhibit CryptoPunks, Autoglyphs NFTs

NFTs are coming to the epicenter of the Parisian art world. On

Sander Lutz Sander Lutz February 12, 2023

Terra May Be at Risk Again—But This Time Is Different

The $60 billion implosion of the Terra ecosystem last May exposed cracks

Sander Lutz Sander Lutz February 12, 2023